HUMANS - Noose

HUMANS - Breakfast With Liz - 2018

HUMANS - Felony

SARAH JEFFERY - Queen Of Mean (CLOUDxCITY Remix/From "Disney Hall of Villains") 2019

Dir : Peter Ricq

HUMANS - Going Late

Dead Shack - 2017 My first feature film. I am very proud of this beast, especially considering our 15 day shoot. This is a film I created, directed, wrote the story, co-wrote the screenplay, scored, co-edited, designed and more.

Dead Shack Proof of Concept Trailer - 2014 No one understood Dead Shack when I presented it. I decided to put this fake trailer together to help people visualize and understand the concept and also sell the idea that I could direct it.

ACTORS - Love U More

HUMANS - Water Water - 2016

HUMANS - Ennio - 2015

Come Together - Feature documentary film

GANG SIGNS - Tonight - 2015


GANG SIGNS - Mate - 2015

GANG SIGNS - Stay Awake - 2015

HUMANS - Back Up - 2015

HUMANS - Limonade - 2015 (Short)

HUMANS - Stalk - 2015 (Short) Another HUMANS short we did for fun.

HUMANS - Tell Me - 2015

HUMANS - Follow - 2015

LADYFRND - un petit message

GANG SIGNS - Prequel

HUMANS - Possession We shot for about a year with a 5D before starting editing. I thought it turned out great for a no budget video.

HUMANS - wicked games (ft tristan orchard) Was talking to Peter Hadfield and we agreed to shoot 2 videos in two days with a RED. I almost puked 3 times when editing this beauty.

GANG SIGNS - Gang Gang - 2019

Dir : Peter Ricq & Jackson Forsythe

GANG SIGNS - Fresh - 2019

GANG SIGNS - The Way - 2019

GANG SIGNS - So Long - 2015

HUMANS - The Feels 360 VR - 2017 Better experienced with VR headset.

HUMANS - horizon I pitched the story to a friend of mine when he asked if I had any ideas for a video he could use, he never did anything with it so a made this a year later with Jeremy.

HUMANS - the End I wanted to see if I could shoot a movie where the image would look like a feature film. The video was tough and a bunch of things didn't work out as planned but it was hell a fun none the less. My mom couldn't watch it which is a great sign.

HUMANS - avec mes mecs the talented Emma Higgins came to me wanting to make a music video for HUMANS with muchfact money. We did this together on a little budget. That party at the end of the video was really fun, great people and it went on late.

HUMANS - Bike Home HUMANS' first video. David Poirier helped with this one, I had no knowledge on camera, lenses and lighting. We shot this in 6 hours at a real party at Robbie's house. Robbie was really drunk and pulled off his scenes like a pro.

LADYFRND "farewell" teaser


LADYFRND - "adieu" teaser

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